Censorship Again on the USCF Issues Forum
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2014-01-22 03:47:19 UTC
Gary Walters, candidate for election to the USCF Executive Board, attacked former board member Sam Sloan saying that the USCF had "pissed away" money defending Sloan's lawsuit.

Sloan responded saying that this was not true and the lawsuit cost the USCF no money and it was because of the illegal sale of the building in New Windsor in that the board never voted on or approved it followed by the disastrous move to Crossville that the USCF lost money.

The result is that the Goichberg approved moderator removed Sloan's reply but allowed Walters statement about "pissing away" money to stand.

This is censorship and should not be allowed, especially since this is an election year. It is because of this censorship that no candidate not endorsed by Goichberg has been able to get elected since 2007.

Here is the dialog on this issue:

You are mistaken. My lawsuits did not cost the USCF any money. What did cost a lot of money was the USCF's two lawsuits against Polgar and Truong in California and Illinois and Polgar's lawsuits against the USCF in Texas.

We are in an election period now. Goichberg has been bombarding his own websites that people must read in order to play in his tournaments with false statements about me. To give just one of many examples, Goichberg repeatedly states that it is because of Sam Sloan that Eric Anderson stopped sponsoring the US Championship. This is absolutely false. I never met or spoke to the man nor said anything negative to about him. It was because of Goichberg that Eric Anderson stopped sponsoring the US Championship and he announced it in February 2006, six months before I took office on the USCF Board.

Goichberg also says that it was because of Sam Sloan that Merrill Lynch did not sponsor the US Championship in 2007. Completely false. Merrill Lynch never expressed an interest in sponsoring the US Championship. It was a pipe-dream by Goichberg. This has nothing to do with me.

These are two examples of things that Goichberg blames on me that had nothing whatever to do with me.

Then, when Marinello ran for the board last year, Goichberg attacked her by saying that she supported Sloan. I can think of many reasons for not voting for Marinello, but one of them was NOT that she supported Sloan.

We also see Goichberg and his allies attacking Sevan Muradian on the grounds of all kinds of baseless rumors, even though Muradian has done a tremendous amount of volunteer work for the USCF and for chess for no compensation. Since 2007 nobody has been able to get elected no matter how qualified who was not endorsed by Goichberg.

Now you are saying that nobody is allowed to say anything negative about Goichberg, Walters or anybody in that clique because to do so would violate the AUG. Meanwhile Allen Priest has a long history of attacking me even though the man knows nothing about chess or about me.

May I remind you that this is an election year and the voters are entitled to hear from all the candidates and their supporters and opponents.

Sam Sloan

[quote="eastside"]Mr. Sloan, I read [url=http://main.uschess.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=272502#p272502]Mr. Walters's post[/url]. It was three sentences long.

In the first sentence, he states an opinion - that Allen Priest has done more for USCF in the last year than you have in decades of involvement. This is a statement of opinion, but does not violate the AUG, because it doesn't accuse you of unethical or illegal behavior.

In the second sentence, he states an observable fact - that you spent time reviewing Allen Priest's MSA record before making a post referencing his rating.

In the third sentence, he states an observable fact - that USCF spent a great deal of money as a result of your lawsuits.

Compare this to the post I pulled, where you accused Bill Goichberg of an illegal act. Now, if you were to post something saying that (for example) Gregory Alexander had acted illegally in the FSS matter, then that would be permitted. Why? Because a US court found that to be true. However, the sale of the New Windsor property was found to be legal. Since you filed a legal action to stop the sale, you're certainly aware of this, and would also therefore be aware that you can't get away with claiming the act was illegal, given the result of said legal action.

Again, what I am telling you - and any other Forum user who is moderated - is that your posts must comply with the Acceptable Usage Guidelines. In particular, you can't accuse someone of unethical or illegal behavior without substantial proof.

[quote="samsloan"]You are saying that they can accuse me of unethical conduct all they want but I cannot respond in kind.

Look at what Board Member Gary Walters said about me, and this is election time.

Sam Sloan

[quote="eastside"]Mr. Sloan - The post quoted below has been pulled from the USCF Issues Forum.

Specifically, your second paragraph levies an accusation of illegal behavior by a former ED.

The AUG, as you have been told repeatedly, does not permit accusations of unethical or illegal behavior without specifically identified substantial proof. Your accusation of illegal behavior is substantially disproven by the result of the very lawsuit you summarize in that second paragraph.

[url=http://main.uschess.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=272517#p272517]Subject: The Executive Board of Opacity[/url]

[quote="samsloan"][quote="Grayson"][quote="samsloan"]Allen Priest thinks he knows more about the issues facing the USCF than we do, even though we have been involved with the USCF for decades whereas he is a beginner at chess who just joined recently.

However, we must give him full credit. He has been improving at chess. We must congratulate him because he just added 140 points to his rating and now his rating is all the way up to 694.[/quote]

Yet, Sam, he's done more for chess in the past year than you have in those decades. (That you spent time this evening in the MSA prepping that post is telling.) We could literally finance the next Olympiad on the money pissed away defending against your lawsuits.[/quote]

There would have been no need for lawsuits had the insiders not acted illegally. You were not around then as you are a newcomer.

First Lawsuit: The building was sold illegally by Goichberg as acting Executive Director. This was illegal as the board never approved the sale of the building in New Windsor and would not have approved of it had it been put up for a vote. Check the minutes you will see no approval nor even discussion of the sale of the building. As to the move to Crossville, Bauer came on this group and talked about how much money the USCF would save for the move to Crossville as employee salaries were lower there. Why he said that I do not know but employee salaries turned out to be higher. I did get the New Windsor judge to stop the move for two weeks but after the USCF lawyer came on and fought the case the move went through. The USCF would be much better off now had I won.

Second Lawsuit: After Truong and Polgar with Goichberg's backing posted 2500 Fake Sam Sloan postings using a secret non-disclosed account on this group, the USCF Issues Forum, and another member of this group called me a CM (I will not say the words) thousands of times I had no choice but to file a lawsuit. The result of the case is that Polgar and Truong did not succeed in taking over the USCF. Again you were not around then, but Polgar was Chairman of the USCF and Truong was VP of Sales and Marketing and Channing was backing them too. The deal was done and the USCF was lost and it was only my lawsuit that kept them from cementing control. My case cost the USCF zero. It was the cases the USCF thereafter filed in San Francisco and Springfield Illinois that cost money.

Third Lawsuit: After the rules were supposedly changed retroactively to stop me from running the New Jersey delegates send in their signatures nominating me and New Jersey named me a delegate too. Bill Hall ruled them invalid and never asked the Election Committee about this. Hall knew he was going to be fired if I was elected. Here the board could have stopped the lawsuit by putting me on the ballot. If you do not agree with me let the voters decide. If I was on the ballot there is little doubt that I would have been elected again so you won the election by keeping me off the ballot.

2014-01-23 17:11:35 UTC
I agree with Sam, what Gary Walters wrote was incomplete.

Very incomplete.

Gary left out 99.9% of Sloan's misdemeanors and crimes.

Allen Priest is guilty too. Guilty of being far too kind to Sloan, and
allowing too many of Sloan's baseless attacks to stand uncensored.

The USCF was forced to "piss away" more than money defending Sloan's many
frivolous lawsuits.

Gary left out the fact that Dr Mosckow too stopped funding the USCF
because of Sloan.

Eric Anderson stopped sponsoring the US Championship because of Sloan.
Sloan's defense was "I never met or spoke to the man nor said anything
negative to about him." That may be true, but one does not have to meet
Sloan to be utterly sickened by what they know he has done.

Merrill Lynch too, on googling about Sloan, withdrew the tentative offer
they had made to sponsor the 2007 US Championship. How bizarre they did
not wanted to be associated with a kiddiefucker. What was wrong with ML?

At least three bequests to the USCF were canceled, wills rewritten. For
every one we know about, there are twenty we don't.

Because of Sloan, USCF's position at FIDE has been irreparably damaged.

Gary left out Sloan's record of making a physical threat against Judge
Denny Chin or his ancestor and attempting to associate the USCF with the
crime. And of dragging the USCF into many other of his Walter Mitty

He also left out Sloan's attempt to extort money from Joel Channing by
claiming he had evidence linking Joel to the FSS. Everyone knows the main
FSS was Sam Sloan, himself. Joel, no use having the bucks if you don't use

Sloan's attacks, sometimes anonymous, on Randy Bauer and his family would
shock even the most hardened, and also his attempts to implicate Bauer by
means of forgery.

Sloan's record of repeatedly attacking and libeling Bill Goichberg on the
Issues Forum and elsewhere defies belief. Barely a month passes without
some new claim by Sloan of unethical or illegal behavior by Bill, all
without any evidence, let alone substantial proof. If Bill was not so
forgiving he would have accepted the offers he must have received to have
Sloan silenced. Silenced, permanently.

Why does the USCF find it so hard to do what the Marshall did so easily?

I have not even mentioned Virginia. Or Sloan's kids or mother. So far he
is responsible for the death of one daughter and one mother. Or Sloan's
attempted frauds, forgeries, scams, perjuries, too many to schedule. Don't
judge them by the sanitized versions Sloan puts on his porno websites.

What kind of world is it when Gregory Alexander, one of the kindest people
ever, is persecuted for the most minor of issues, but someone who enjoys
boasting about having sex with kids (statutory rape) in many jurisdictions
is still unmolested?

I make sure that since 2008 I write to every non-USCF person involved in a
lawsuit or threatened lawsuit with Sloan, to ensure that they know the
record, get the score, have the data, are prepared.

This includes every court and every judge involved.

But I still have a recurrent nightmare.

This is what it is.

That Sloan will die.

Die, that is, escaping from having had harsh justice for his crimes served
on him.

Justice from a judge, justice from a vigilante, justice from a lynch-
burg mob, frankly dear I don't give a damn, as long as it is justice.

Time is running out.

For this man to die peacefully in bed while still still in possession of
his liberty, is enough to make the angels weep.

Don't let the fucking asshole escape.

Time is what we don't have.