The slanderous, libelous pedophile is still among us
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Maliq Soter
2015-03-03 20:10:43 UTC
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Eight years ago I wrote this

"The fact that Sam Sloan is a pariah and quite unfit to hold any
respectable office should be public knowledge by now, but it unfortunately
was not when people were voting for the USCF board. Not many in the NYC
chess community have forgotten his very public pining for a then-12 year
old girl, and such a circumstance is not an isolated incident in the life
of Sam Sloan. Many a parent have I heard at the Marshall Chess Club tell
their daughters to steer clear of that man, and yet, he sits on the board
of the national federation today. When a slanderous, libelous pedophile is
the best a national federation of any sort can do, it is clear enough that
the end times for said federation are upon us unless it can reverse course
swiftly and decisively."

My warning was ignored.

In the last eight years, this criminal has disgraced and nearly bankrupted
the USCF. It is hearsay that he has been exposed for raping several of his
own minor daughters, including the little angel who I recently saw him

I read that attempts to alert her mother have failed because her mother is
a simpleton who swallows everything Sam Sloan gives her.

Two of his female kids tried to commit suicide, one successfully.

At any time, Sam is also involved in two or three ongoing scam attempts.

Sam Sloan has committed perjury and libel more often than it is possible
to imagine.

Why have the NYC or CA police not taken Sam Sloan into custody? I have put
in several complaints, so has Brock and several others.

Why is this pedophile still at large? Do we have to wait for a Charles
Bronson character to intervene? If the cops continue to sleep, it will
come to that, I say. It will come to that, and the tsunami will be of
Biblical proportions. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Every reader should get in touch with law enforcement and ask them why Sam
Sloan is still at large.


2016-05-01 08:16:25 UTC
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I absolutely wrote the first statements, but not the second. I ask that whomever is impersonating me to take shots at Sam Sloan instead use your own name and identity -- there is no shortfall of reasons why doing so is appropriate.