Complaint about Facebook, blocking requests from real frends
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2013-10-02 02:14:53 UTC
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My Facebook account was recently hijacked so I have had to start a new account.

Naturally most of my friends are chess players whom I have known for many years as we play together at chess tournaments.

Nevertheless, Facebook keeps sending me this message.

You're Blocked from Sending Friend Requests for 14 Days

"Please check the box so we know you understand Facebook’s friend request policy"

"Numerous people have indicated that they’ve received requests from you and don’t know you.
"We understand that you’re trying to add friends on Facebook, but Facebook is for connecting with people you know personally, not strangers.
"If you continue to send friend requests to people you don’t know, you could be permanently blocked.

"I understand that sending friend requests to people who don't know me could cause me to be permanently blocked."

I doubt that any of them say that they do not know me. I am sure that every one of them knows me.

Nevertheless Facebook has blocked me and refuses to unblock me unless I lie and say that I do not know them.

What should I do?

Sam Sloan
2013-10-02 14:14:16 UTC
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What should I do?
Stop pretending you have friends